The staff at Bosto's Garage are intent on 'flattening the curve' while still maintaining a quality service to those that require it during these difficult times.

All our staff follow the good hygiene practices recommended by the MTA (inline with health officials), we have hand washing stations, disinfectant, seat coverings and practice social distancing. 

We have requested that all non-essential visits to our workplace be postponed until further notice

We can offer pick-up and delivery of vehicles, in most circumstances (contact us to discuss your needs)

We have 'repair now and pay later' options, we have wifi for transfer of funds via smart phone or Pay ID and we have 'Albert', our EFTPOS tablet, which is mobile and able to be cleaned before and after use.

Call us today to discuss your needs and what we are doing to 'flatten the curve' and keep everyone safe.


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