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As a paramedic of 20 years, I have personal experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a result, my road career has ended, like it has for so many others in a similar situation to me. PTSD is hard to explain, hard to live with and hard to work through. It affects individuals and their families. Being a paramedic was a massive part of who I was, so I have had to find something else to focus on, so bring on the Finke Desert Race and in 2023 I am planning on giving it a crack. To make it worthwhile, I am raising money and awareness for PTSD in our Ambulance, Fire and Police first responders. Please visit my Fundraising Page for Sirens of Silence!



We have created a team to ride at Finke 
'Team Feathers'. You can support us by
sponsoring our trip to Finke or Donating directly to Siren of Silence Charity


Click on the link

to hear my interview with Narelle Graham, ABC Late Afternoons, ABC Radio

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Sirens of Silence 

  • Jackie H - You got this Anita!

  • Andrew P - Do it in style, do it on a Postie xxx


  • Chris A - Great stuff. Can u both wear some weird cape or have tassels on ur handle bars so u can be identified by intoxicated race fans in the sand dunes? 🤣🤣 Cheers Niffe and Erin 🤙

  • Wayne L - You guys do such a amazing job just don’t know how you do it so proud of you

  • Wayne L - Hey champ don’t slow Anita down

  • Heinz S - As a medic of 42 years I have my own demons to deal with so lucky can work be it only part time congratulate you on your cause to help others

  • Jen O’ -

  • Mick R -

  • Paul H - go strong Anita, stay safe

  • Phil F - Anita, happy to support this very important fund raiser. Good luck with the Finke, be careful!

  • Leigh J

  • Jenny W

  • Shirley M - Donation is in loving memory of DEAR Wayne and myself. I can hear him saying, please send it to Anita

  • Aimi C - Exercise is good for the soul, enjoy the bike

  • Tess J - All the best with the ride Anita! Great to see you on a bike too! ✊ Take care x

  • Jimmy T - A coffee to get you through your day

  • Julia S - Proud of you. You are stronger than you know xx

  • Valerie M

  • Theresa S

  • Shannon, James & Hugo - You'll be amazing!

  • Jared S - All the best 🙂🙏. Go team Bosto 👍👍

  • Suanne L

  • Tricky

  • Paul From Griffith NSW

  • Denise

  • Epic Boys in the shed

  • Virginia S

  • Matt B

  • Penny T

  • Nathan S

  • Max B

  • Ynoak Cooperage

  • Leigh W

  • Donna L

  • Andrew H

  • Todd M

  • Bell Family

  • Scott M

  • Andy and Lesley M

  • Niel N

  • AC Thomas Drilling

  • Benton Builders

  • Floyd W

  • Chris M

  • Tom S

  • Paul and Barb W

  • Lindy J

  • Peter H

  • AJ Stack Solutions

  • Alison W

  • Angus B

  • Tom B

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