(Conditions Apply)

Bosto's Garage now has a courtesy vehicle available. It is subject to availability and the following conditions, (be sure to check in with Craig or Bruce when booking your vehicle):

  1. Bosto's Garage charges a daily maintenance rate of $20 plus fuel (see point 10), payable on return of vehicle via The Customer's invoice for work completed.

  2. Bosto’s Garage will arrange and maintain comprehensive insurance cover. The Customer will exercise reasonable care at all times. The Customer  will indemnify Bosto’s Garage against all claims; damages and costs made against or claimed from Bosto’s Garage, by any person whomsoever in respect to the loan car and arising during the period the vehicle is in The Customer's  custody

  3. In the event of the vehicle being involved in a collision with another vehicle, person or object, whether damage is sustained by the vehicle or otherwise, The Customer will immediately notify both Bosto’s Garage and SA Police. The Customer will take and deliver the vehicle to Bosto’s Garage

  4. The Customer agrees to pay the excess (outlined point 14) applicable to The Customer in the event of an incident requiring the excess to be paid

  5. The Customer will not make any claim against Bosto’s Garage for any personal injury, damage, inconvenience, delay or any other matter arising from or incidental to any breakdown, mechanical (or otherwise) or any accident

  6. The Customer will return and deliver, in any event, the vehicle to Bosto’s Garage at The Customer's own expense

  7. The Customer will pay Bosto’s Garage the cost of repairing all damages caused to the vehicle whilst in The Customer's custody

  8. The Customer will return the vehicle when requested by Bosto’s Garage, in good order and condition

  9. The Customer's agrees to keep and maintain the vehicle at The Customer's expense in good condition and repair throughout the period it is in The Customer's custody and control and will be responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle by failure to observe and check at regular intervals the level of engine oil and other lubricants, water and coolant (if applicable) and tyre pressures

  10. The Customer will pay for petrol while using the vehicle and return it with the same levels. Refueling required by Bosto's Garage will be at the customers expense at 10% above the pump price.

  11. The vehicle will only be driven by The Customer and The Customer  will be free of drugs and/or alcohol at all times

  12. The Customer will not drive the vehicle outside a 100km radius of Truro, SA, without prior consultation with Bosto’s Garage

  13. The Customer will abide by all traffic regulations and be responsible for any infringements, fines or breaches incurred while the vehicle is in The Customer's custody

  14. Excess Payable:

    • <20 years $1600.00

    • 20-21yrs $1400.00

    • 22-25 yrs $1150.00

    • 26+ yrs $750.00